Are you ready for your weekly Hike? 

September 19th, 2016 Day 19 Vlog Challenge word Hike Got this one done nice and early on this Monday morning. Seeing how it’s Monday morning my mind is focused on how many people dread Monday’s. I get it. It’s hard standing at the bottom of the mountain knowing how hard the hike is going to beContinue reading “Are you ready for your weekly Hike? “

Do we need to be Passionate?

September 18th, 2016 Day 18 Vlog Challenge word Passionate Do you have something that you’re so passionate about that you jump out of bed in the morning or maybe you don’t have something like that? Maybe that’s the struggle. Eleven years ago I didn’t wake up and say “you know that’s it, I’m going to beContinue reading “Do we need to be Passionate?”

Cuddling Together in the big bed

  September 17, 2016, Day 17 Vlog Challenge Today is going to be a good day. Want to know how I know? It’s all about how it started. We had the whole family cuddling Together in the big bed. This got me thinking about how much more enjoyable life would be if we spent more time together.Continue reading “Cuddling Together in the big bed”

Is your mentality Fragile like glass?

September 16, 2016 Day 16 of the Vlog Challenge I’m always talking about being mentally strong and how to become mentally strong. What about where you are right now mentally. Maybe you’re like me, I’m stressed out, been up all night with our kids, I was so mentally Fragile that the next pebble thrown at me wasContinue reading “Is your mentality Fragile like glass?”

Don’t worry about the Slog

  September 15th, 2016 Vlog challenge I’m sitting here on this beautiful September day and looking at all the leaves change. You know what else is changing? The year is almost over and what do we all do at the beginning of the year? We try to set these lofty goals but we never getContinue reading “Don’t worry about the Slog”

Woke up perplexed today

Don’t like reading? Check out the video on YouTube! Click here! September 14, 2016, Day 14 of the Vlog Challenge I actually got a good night of sleep last night because the little one lets us sleep. What’s weird is I woke up Perplexed. Does that ever happen to you? Who knows, maybe it’s just me.Continue reading “Woke up perplexed today”

Why such Radical changes?

  Check out the video on YouTube! Click here! September 13, 2016, Day 13 of the Vlog Challenge As I was driving to pick up my boys from daycare, on this cool September day, I was thinking about lifestyle changes. Why do we always start with the Radical changes? Why do we stop eating carbs altogether toContinue reading “Why such Radical changes?”

Find the Zing! in your life…

Check out the video YouTube! Click here! September 12, 2016, Day 12 of the Vlog Challenge Literally just got done with the workout before I shot the video. That idea came to me and I didn’t want to lose it. We do the same movements and workouts each week. Well, the workout I just didContinue reading “Find the Zing! in your life…”

Don’t blame the Stump…

Check out the video on YouTube! Click here! September 11, 2016, Day 11 Vlog Challenge Picture this, you’re walking through a big beautiful forest. The birds are chirping. The smell of the evergreens engulfing your nose. Then bam it happens, you trip over a Stump. In that moment all you can do is think about isContinue reading “Don’t blame the Stump…”

Recharge your batteries during the week…

September 10th, 2016 Day 10 Vlog Challenge Why do we all look for the week to Recharge our batteries? When you look forward all the time, weeks start flying by. Months and years keep flying by and before you know it, life’s over. Why can’t we recharge our batteries during the week? That’s my challenge for youContinue reading “Recharge your batteries during the week…”