When you have a Dilemma don’t choose the easy answer!

September 26, 2016, Day 26 Vlog Challenge word Dilemma Think back to a time when you had a real dilemma in your life. Think about it. I bet you there was the correct choice and the incorrect choice. Who cares if you chose correct choice. More than likely the correct choice was the more difficult pathContinue reading “When you have a Dilemma don’t choose the easy answer!”

How often do you Jump to the wrong Conclusion?

September 22nd, 2016 Day 22 Vlog Challenge word Jump Sitting outside on our front patio just enjoying the sun before the inevitable happens. The cold winter is right around the corner. It got me thinking about how often we humans jump to conclusions. Most times our rash judgements turn out to be wrong. Nine out of tenContinue reading “How often do you Jump to the wrong Conclusion?”

Are you ready for your weekly Hike? 

September 19th, 2016 Day 19 Vlog Challenge word Hike Got this one done nice and early on this Monday morning. Seeing how it’s Monday morning my mind is focused on how many people dread Monday’s. I get it. It’s hard standing at the bottom of the mountain knowing how hard the hike is going to beContinue reading “Are you ready for your weekly Hike? “

Find the Zing! in your life…

Check out the video YouTube! Click here! September 12, 2016, Day 12 of the Vlog Challenge Literally just got done with the workout before I shot the video. That idea came to me and I didn’t want to lose it. We do the same movements and workouts each week. Well, the workout I just didContinue reading “Find the Zing! in your life…”

A twinkle in your eye…

Don’t like reading? Watch it on YouTube! You know that little Twinkle in your child’s eyes when they see you first thing when you get home from work? That twinkle in their eyes signifies their happiness. Their appreciation for you. When was the last time you felt twinkle in your eye when you gave something? More than likelyContinue reading “A twinkle in your eye…”

Is it possible to have your Cake and eat it too? 

Check out the video on YouTube! The old saying “you can’t have your Cake and eat it too” has never made that much sense to me. I was taking it too literally. I always thought well if you have your cake, of course, you can eat it. Obviously, once you eat the cake you can no longerContinue reading “Is it possible to have your Cake and eat it too? “