Find the Zing! in your life…

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September 12, 2016, Day 12 of the Vlog Challenge

Literally just got done with the workout before I shot the video. That idea came to me and I didn’t want to lose it. We do the same movements and workouts each week. Well, the workout I just did was spicy! That got me thinking. Do you find yourself going just plug and chugging through life? Do you find yourself just going through the motions day to day and week to week? Then you need to find some Zing! in your life or better yet find the Zing! that already exists. We are already too busy to add something to our lives to spice it up.

What we need to do is find or recognize the Zing! we already have in our life. Think about it like this. What gives the Zing! to  Pico de gallo? You have tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, cilantro, and lime. Most people would say the jalapenos are what give it Zing! but I think it’s the lime. That’s my challenge for you today. Find the Zing! that already exists. Find your lime. Once you do life will be that much more enjoyable. See you tomorrow.

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