Is it possible to have your Cake and eat it too? 

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The old saying “you can’t have your Cake and eat it too” has never made that much sense to me. I was taking it too literally. I always thought well if you have your cake, of course, you can eat it. Obviously, once you eat the cake you can no longer have it because it’s gone. How many times in your life does this cliche apply? How many times in life do you want it both ways but you have to choose one? Why can’t you have it both ways?

Don’t get me wrong, in most life situations having it both ways is either unethical or most likely wrong. For example, lifting max weight in the gym and training for a half-marathon is having your cake and eating it too. I’m not advocating for that because I blew out my back doing it. Are there other life situations where it would be ok to have it both ways?

I’m sure you’re listing a bunch of examples in your head right now. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Let’s come back to reality. We tell ourselves we can do it all. We tell ourselves we can have the cake and eat it too.  That’s not really what happens. We’re not good at multitasking. That’s why this proverb is a cliche. Do you see it? No matter what we tell ourselves we can’t have it both ways. That’s my challenge for you today. Put the cake down and focus on one thing. Focus on what matters most today. Stop trying to figure out how you can eat it and have it. Once you stop you’ll see the true point of the proverb. Once you’re focused on the little things. The most important things. Life will feel exactly how it’s supposed to feel.

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