Guide your damn elephant

There was a combination of factors that compelled me to write this post. The first is this quote from Ryan Holiday and it’s from his Daily Stoic email: “Wisdom – even a tiny bit – is clarity. Clarity is freedom.” The second factor was what I wrote in my am journal last week: It reallyContinue reading “Guide your damn elephant”

Peaks and Valleys – Being a Parent 

“The days are long but the years are short” – Gretchen Rubin This analogy may make more sense to me because I grew up in the Colorado high country. Parenting to me is like you’ve just spent all day climbing to the top of the mountain. You get to the summit and the view isContinue reading “Peaks and Valleys – Being a Parent “

7 hacks to live in the moment

You may be asking yourself if that photo is real. The answer is yes, that is actually my iPhone and yes, I actually have a folder named that. Why? I found that I was using social media too much and needed a way to slow down my use. Completely stopping the use of these socialContinue reading “7 hacks to live in the moment”

Do you need a warm bath for your soul?

I began to reflect how completely we forget or ignore our failings, even those that affect the body, which are continually reminding us of their existence, – not to mention those which are more serious in proportion as they are more hidden. – Seneca (Letter #53) Seneca starts this letter by telling a story aboutContinue reading “Do you need a warm bath for your soul?”

When was the last time you lived in the moment?

Bring it to pass that I shall cease trying to escape from death, and that life may cease to escape from me. – Seneca It’s curious to me how much we talk about time passing. Don’t get me wrong, I talk and think a lot about this. I’m so focused on achieving great things thatContinue reading “When was the last time you lived in the moment?”

Are your aspirations noble?

He will place himself beyond the jurisdiction of chance; he will wisely control prosperity; he will lessen adversity and will despise what others hold in admiration. It is the quality of a great soul to scorn great things and to prefer that which is ordinary rather than that which is too great. – Seneca The nameContinue reading “Are your aspirations noble?”

Should you trust your intuation?

And finally, the only benefit that solitude confers, – the habit of trusting no man, and of fearing no witnesses, – is lost to the fool; for he betrays himself. – Seneca This is an interesting letter because it’s very hard to make sense of the point. It’s hard to make sense of what livingContinue reading “Should you trust your intuation?”

Would you a hold poisonous snake if it’s stiff in the cold?

In the case of many men their vices being powerless escape notice although as soon as the person in question have become satisfied with their own strength, the vices will be no less daring than those which those have prosperity has already disclosed. – Seneca What is the most important value to you? Patience? Honor?Continue reading “Would you a hold poisonous snake if it’s stiff in the cold?”

Stop talking and start walking…

Prove your words by your deeds – Seneca We’ve all heard the phrase “walk the walk don’t just talk the talk.” Well, I’m assuming everyone’s heard that phrase. It really resonates with me because that’s how I run my day to day life. I’ve never wanted to be that guy that just does a bunchContinue reading “Stop talking and start walking…”

Your fears are groundless… Trust me!

“There are more things likely to frighten us then there are to crush us. We suffer more in imagination than in reality.” Seneca I want to start here with this quote because just writing this is actually me acting on those imaginary fears. It’s amazing that writing or the desire to write or even theContinue reading “Your fears are groundless… Trust me!”