Are your aspirations noble?

He will place himself beyond the jurisdiction of chance; he will wisely control prosperity; he will lessen adversity and will despise what others hold in admiration. It is the quality of a great soul to scorn great things and to prefer that which is ordinary rather than that which is too great. – Seneca The nameContinue reading “Are your aspirations noble?”

Stop talking and start walking…

Prove your words by your deeds – Seneca We’ve all heard the phrase “walk the walk don’t just talk the talk.” Well, I’m assuming everyone’s heard that phrase. It really resonates with me because that’s how I run my day to day life. I’ve never wanted to be that guy that just does a bunchContinue reading “Stop talking and start walking…”

Your fears are groundless… Trust me!

“There are more things likely to frighten us then there are to crush us. We suffer more in imagination than in reality.” Seneca I want to start here with this quote because just writing this is actually me acting on those imaginary fears. It’s amazing that writing or the desire to write or even theContinue reading “Your fears are groundless… Trust me!”

Always looking at the Clock

Anyone who has had a newborn baby knows that most of your time is spent looking at the clock. Time seems to creep by like it does on a cold winter day. Where it seems like life has slowed to a crawl. That’s what it’s like when you have a brand new baby. Every timeContinue reading “Always looking at the Clock”