What happened to agree to Disagree?

  September 28, 2016, Day 28 Vlog Challenge word Disagree What ever happened to people agreeing to disagree? Think about it. When you say that to someone you are showing their thought or opinion the respect it deserves. These days we’re more in the space of disagree to disagree. We’ve stopped listening to each other. The nextContinue reading “What happened to agree to Disagree?”

Is your mentality Fragile like glass?

September 16, 2016 Day 16 of the Vlog Challenge I’m always talking about being mentally strong and how to become mentally strong. What about where you are right now mentally. Maybe you’re like me, I’m stressed out, been up all night with our kids, I was so mentally Fragile that the next pebble thrown at me wasContinue reading “Is your mentality Fragile like glass?”

Jump Into a Healthier YOU!

The more I think about the idea of jumping into a healthier lifestyle, the more I started wondering about what it actually means. Obviously, the idea is to get back to a healthier version of you. That’s pretty simple, right? My mind as a trainer always goes to one simple question. Why did you stop?Continue reading “Jump Into a Healthier YOU!”