Why such Radical changes?

  Check out the video on YouTube! Click here! September 13, 2016, Day 13 of the Vlog Challenge As I was driving to pick up my boys from daycare, on this cool September day, I was thinking about lifestyle changes. Why do we always start with the Radical changes? Why do we stop eating carbs altogether toContinue reading “Why such Radical changes?”

Find the Zing! in your life…

Check out the video YouTube! Click here! September 12, 2016, Day 12 of the Vlog Challenge Literally just got done with the workout before I shot the video. That idea came to me and I didn’t want to lose it. We do the same movements and workouts each week. Well, the workout I just didContinue reading “Find the Zing! in your life…”

Don’t blame the Stump…

Check out the video on YouTube! Click here! September 11, 2016, Day 11 Vlog Challenge Picture this, you’re walking through a big beautiful forest. The birds are chirping. The smell of the evergreens engulfing your nose. Then bam it happens, you trip over a Stump. In that moment all you can do is think about isContinue reading “Don’t blame the Stump…”

Recharge your batteries during the week…

September 10th, 2016 Day 10 Vlog Challenge Why do we all look for the week to Recharge our batteries? When you look forward all the time, weeks start flying by. Months and years keep flying by and before you know it, life’s over. Why can’t we recharge our batteries during the week? That’s my challenge for youContinue reading “Recharge your batteries during the week…”

Build your day like your favorite Sandwich…

Check the video out on YouTube! Click here! September 9th, 2016 Day 9/30 of my Vlog challenge. Think about your favorite Sandwich. Can you picture all the elements? I’m sure your favorite sandwich has all your favorite meats, cheeses, veggies and you’re picturing it on your favorite bread. Now that you have the pictured in yourContinue reading “Build your day like your favorite Sandwich…”

Did you ever think a sack was Elegant? 

Check out the video on YouTube! Have you ever watch Cam Newton get sacked by Von Miller and think to yourself, that sack was Elegant? Yeah, I’ve never thought about it like that either. When you think about how easy Von Miller makes it look you may see where I’m going. The way he does itContinue reading “Did you ever think a sack was Elegant? “

A twinkle in your eye…

Don’t like reading? Watch it on YouTube! You know that little Twinkle in your child’s eyes when they see you first thing when you get home from work? That twinkle in their eyes signifies their happiness. Their appreciation for you. When was the last time you felt twinkle in your eye when you gave something? More than likelyContinue reading “A twinkle in your eye…”

Don’t Plop down after your workout!

  Check out the vide on YouTube, click here! We’ve all been there. We’re bustin’ our ass in the gym. Covered in sweat with our heart rate through the roof! All you want to do when you finish that workout is to plop down on the ground. We all get it because we’ve been there. We giveContinue reading “Don’t Plop down after your workout!”

Is it possible to have your Cake and eat it too? 

Check out the video on YouTube! The old saying “you can’t have your Cake and eat it too” has never made that much sense to me. I was taking it too literally. I always thought well if you have your cake, of course, you can eat it. Obviously, once you eat the cake you can no longerContinue reading “Is it possible to have your Cake and eat it too? “

How often does a lunar Eclipse happen in your life…? 

Check out the video on YouTube! A lunar Eclipse is where the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow but you knew that already. The real question is, how often does a lunar eclipse happen in your life? More specifically, how often does it feel like you’re just passing through life from one shadow to the next? HaveContinue reading “How often does a lunar Eclipse happen in your life…? “