Build your day like your favorite Sandwich…

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September 9th, 2016 Day 9/30 of my Vlog challenge.

Think about your favorite Sandwich. Can you picture all the elements? I’m sure your favorite sandwich has all your favorite meats, cheeses, veggies and you’re picturing it on your favorite bread. Now that you have the pictured in your mind. Have you ever thought about building your day like your favorite sandwich? Did I lose you there? See if you can follow along with me. Think about building your day with your favorite things in life. For example, I start my day off with journalling.

Then before I leave to go to work I kiss my family goodbye. I’m a lucky guy and get to torture clients for a living which I wouldn’t change for the world. As much fun as that is, I get to come home to my family and spend the night with them. The ciabatta bread that tops my day off is reading until I fall asleep. When you build your day with your favorite things in life you’ll enjoy your life that much more. Just like you enjoy your favorite sandwich. See you tomorrow.

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