Life’s little moments create a great Melody – Day 2

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A Google search says Melody in its most basic sense is defined as a rhythmical succession of single tones producing a distinct musical phrase or idea. That doesn’t apply to anything more than music, or does it?

“The true goal of music—its proper enterprise—is melody. All the parts of harmony have as their ultimate purpose only beautiful melody. Therefore, the question of which is the more significant, melody or harmony, is futile. Beyond doubt, the means is subordinate to the end.” — Johann Philipp Kirnberger

Can we apply that to life? Can we use Johann’s definition of melody as it applies to our lives? If we’re aware enough we can see that the little things in life are part of our lives melody. If we pay attention to the little things, embrace the little things, cherish the little things then our lives can be more harmonious. Our lives can become more melodic. That’s my challenge for you today, pay attention to the little things. Smile at a stranger on the sidewalk as you walk by. Ask the store clerk how their day is going and mean it. Cherish the smile your 4-month old gives you when you get home. I challenge you to be aware of life’s harmony and when you do, your life will be more melodic. Seeing those little moments will allow you to see the greatness  of your life’s melody. See you tomorrow.


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