Be like a Sidewalk…? 

Check out the video on YouTube!

Do you think you could learn something from your Sidewalk? I know crazy, right? Try to stay with me here. Day after day. Month after month the sidewalk takes a beating. It gets rained on. It gets snowed on. People walk all over the sidewalk but month after month, year after year that sidewalk takes a beating and keeps on going.

Did I lose you? Here’s the point. We need to have the mental strength just like that sidewalk has physical strength. We need to be able to shake it off when our parade is being rained on. We need to be strong when people are walking all over us. That’s my challenge for you today. When things aren’t going your way you need to be mentally strong like a sidewalk. You need to let those words melt off your back like snow melts off the sidewalk. If you do that you’ll be better. Join me on this path to a better me and maybe, just maybe a better you.

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