Shiver down my spine – Self-improvement

It’s September and it’s time to start a new project. I’ve been journaling for over a year now and it has given me incredible insight into my psyche. To be honest, the journaling and some nudging from people close to me were the precursors to this blog.

The challenge that I gave myself was to post a video every day for the entire month of September. This sends a shiver down my spine. This is something that I’ve said I wanted to do but I would always put it off. I would always say, “oh I’ll do it tomorrow”. I’m sure you’ve said the same thing to yourself. What are you putting off? I’m sure there’s something that just popped into your head. Something that maybe gave you a shiver down your spine or butterflies in your stomach. That’s what this is about. Conquering my fears to get started. This is a challenge for you to conquer your fears. This is about a better me. On my way to the best me. That’s my challenge to you. Whatever you’re thinking about right now. Don’t put it off until tomorrow or next week. Start today. You’ll be better because of it.

Day 1 of 30: Check the first video out on YouTube!

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