How the morning can Frame your day!

Isn’t it great how the trees and landscape frame this morning sunset? My first thought as I took this photo is how great of a frame the shadowed trees and foreground make. My dad mentioned that he didn’t like the dark foreground for his version of the photo. This conversation got me thinking about our own perceptions. It got me thinking about how the morning can frame your day. Not only that but how each of us can experience the exact same things but view them completely differently.

My alarm going off at 4:50am is what gets my day started. For most that would ruin their day getting up that early. Everyone recommends eating breakfast but I do not. People think I’m crazy for not eating breakfast. People think these two things would ruin their day and they’re right, it could. These things ruin your day because of your viewpoint towards them. These things do not ruin my day because I choose to do them. I make the choice to do these things that in turn, frame my day in a positive manner. That’s your goal. Start your day with a routine that will frame your day for success. Remember, it’s how you perceive things that can affect your mentality. So choose wisely.


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