Chipotle-Honey Chicken with Roasted beet spinach salad

IMG_0471We love our chicken our chicken thighs! I’ve raved on and on about why we love them more than chicken breasts, so I won’t bore you with that again. This was a recipe that my wife found and we pretty much winged it from there. The more meals we cook together the more I realize she gets inspiration from a dish and then makes up the recipe with the ingredients we have at home. It’s a great skill to have and one that I do not have. We knew we were going to have chicken thighs but we had no idea what to have on the side. So, after digging through our fridge we settled on a roasted beet and spinach salad. I often forget how great roasted beets are. The chicken was great but the salad may have stolen the show because of the beets. Being a meat-a-tarian, it’s rare for me to rave about a salad. We love corn on the cob and it’s not for the reason you would think. We love it because we can put corn on the cob in front of Carson and he’s in heaven. He’s like a pig in sh**. If you want to see how we made this meal check out the instruction video here!

What do the macros look like?

As usual, I didn’t look at the macros until after eating the meal. honeychixnutTo be honest, I never knew that corn on the cob had that much sugar. That was the biggest surprise adding up the calories. Corn gets a bad rap for having so many sugar calories, which I’ve promoted in the past, but in my opinion eating corn on the cob isn’t a big deal. That being said, looking at the macros for this meal you would be wise to stay away from other carbohydrate sources with this meal. The honey marinade added some extra sugar as well so in the future I would stay away from this meal combo. The calories came in high because of the honey marinade and corn as our side (635 k/cal), which is the highest caloric meal we’ve had so far. It may have been a little higher due to the fact I included the honey in the marinade but 2 tbsp of honey for all the chicken isn’t all that much. As I mentioned, the carbohydrates came in a little high 54 grams, protein was right where I like it at 37 grams and finally fat was at 34 grams.

What did we like about the meal?

As we were adding the 6 tbsp of chipotle salt I was thinking to myself that it may be really salty. I do not love the taste of salt so I was nervous. That’s also why in the instruction video and corresponding recipe I say 4-6 tbsp. IMG_0150The chicken by itself may have been too salty but the salad and corn balanced out the meal. Sure, I could sit here and write about how that was planned, but it wasn’t. Sometimes dumb luck wins out and you create a great meal. This was one of those times. This meal just flowed together.

What would we change next time?

Most likely we would pair the corn on the cob with another meal. Maybe a steak or a bunless burger. Also, the chicken was too salty by itself. The next day I had it as leftovers and it was too salty for me but again I do not love salt. As a whole, this meal was a great success especially since we just emptied the refrigerator!

Check out the video on YouTube!

1.5lbs of boneless chicken thighs
3-4 beets
4-5 ears of corn
Spinach salad mix
2 tbsp of Olive Oil
2 tbsp honey
1 tbsp garlic powder
4-6 tbsp of chipotle salt
Juice 1 lime

1. Heat oven to 425*
2. Cover beets in tin foil with Olive Oil
3. Roast beets for 45mins
3a. Once beets are done roasting and cooled clean the skin off with a paper towel
3b. Chop cooled beets and add to spinach salad
4. Mix marinade ingredients in a bowl and pour over the chicken
4a. Grease casserole dish with cooking spray
5. Cook chicken for 25 minutes at 425* or until 165* internal temp
6. Wrap corn in plastic wrap with 1/2 tbsp of water on high for 4-6 minutes or until tender**
7. Enjoy!

**cooking hack for quick corn on the cob!

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