Can the Muse inspire your workout routine?

A quick google search defines Muse roughly as a greek goddess who brings inspiration to your creative endeavours. Most people have heard of great writers referring to the Muse as just that, a blessing from some unseen source, that brings inspiration to their writing. Even now, as these words are typed the Muse could be in action. This post is not about using the Muse for writing but how it inspires personal trainers. Personal trainers would like you to believe that most sessions are preplanned and well thought out. If you’ve ever had a personal trainer you may question their session planning. Most times it seems like a bunch of madness but usually, there is a method to that madness. Although, that method may be hidden deep beneath the surface.

Great trainers have an idea of what they want to accomplish walking into the session, but the great ones are like composers in the room. Great trainers see the routine in real time like Mozart saw the notes in the air. Don’t get me wrong a well-planned routine is a key to getting results. The problem with living and dying by that routine is our clients lives periodized our programs because of sick kids, vacations, or whatever excuse that specific client is using today. As trainers, we have to think on our feet. The Muse provides the inspiration needed to push our clients to the limits. That’s when greatness happens. That’s when the best results happen. Let’s be honest we are artists. Our canvas just happens to be the human body.

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