Fun! Flying like an airplane!

What is the most fun thing I do? When I asked myself that question the thoughts of what fun means to me flooded my mind. I couldn’t think of just one thing. I take so many photos throughout the year I had many to choose from. Is working out the most fun thing I do? Is going to the Broncos game every week the most fun thing I do? After much thought, I found this photo from the end of our trip to grandmas and papa D’s. This walk started out as just that, a walk in the woods before we flew home. As we were walking back from checking out the dragon tree. Which by the way Carson loved the dragon tree because he loves everything to do with dragons. Seeing a 2 1/2 year old’s imagination run wild is an amazing site to be seen. You could see his eyes light up when we told him this was a dormant dragon. Sometimes fun is just enjoying the simple things in life.IMG_7677

That leads up to the main photo of my mom and Carson pretending to be airplanes. This moment was pure fun and enjoyment for Carson. It was for me too because it brought me back to playing imaginary games with my friends when all we needed to have fun was just pretending, letting our imagination run wild.

That’s my challenge to you. Try to embrace your inner three-year-old. Try to be in the moment and just find the joy of being in that moment. Adulting is tough and we forget to have fun. As adults, we feel we need something besides our own mind to have fun. Why can’t we just throw our arms out and pretend to be flying? Sure, there’s all sorts of things people may think about you, but who really cares? This is about you having fun “in the moment”. That’s the key. Try to live in the moment like our children. Try to let your imagination run wild without caring what’s going on around you. Challenge yourself, have fun and you’ll be better because of it. Let’s go flying!





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