What does Generous mean to you? 

September 23rd, 2016, Day 23 Vlog Challenge word Generous

What does being generous mean to you? To me, it means showing kindness to a stranger just because. It means being kind to your friends and family just because. I bring it up because of how much generosity we’ve seen over the past week while fundraising for the first ever FT Games. We’re raising money for a wonderful veterans charity Project Sanctuary. In short, they work with the veteran and their family for two years giving them any support they need. We’re overwhelmed by the generosity that people have shown to people they’ve never met and may never meet.

That’s what being generous means to me. That’s your challenge. Your goal. Your focus or whatever you want to call it. Be generous to the stranger on the street by giving them a smile. Be generous to your loved ones. Just be generous. See you tomorrow.

If you want more information about this awesome charity please click here!

Click here for the video on YouTube!

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