Is your behavior Stylish? 

September 21, 2016, Day 21 of Vlog Challenge word Stylish

Have you ever thought of your behavior as stylish? Don’t worry I’ve never thought of it that way. When I think of what stylish means  to me it’s about your clothing etc helps you conform to a group. Think about how your behavior also helps you conform to your family, friends, and coworkers. We can all think of a time when we have compromised our personal beliefs to conform to a group. There’s nothing wrong with your behaviors changing or molding to the group you want to belong too.

This is about being aware of these changes you make to your behavior to conform to the group. Pay attention to what you’re compromising. Be aware of the behaviors you’re changing to be stylish with that specific group. Being aware is half the battle. See you tomorrow.

Click here for the video on YouTube!

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